25 June 2008

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder ....

Our adorable kids have left us for a few days. Which makes them even more adorable than they usually are. I know, nice... But I think the feeling was completely mutual. It's been several -- like over seven but who's counting -- months since we've been separated like this for a few days. Nina and Papa came down to get them, and H & C couldn't wait. What was even more exciting, was that Nina and Papa had a surprise for them. Papa came with so he could take them to Wisconsin on the Amtrak train. I guess H nearly had a heart attack, and C was completely confused when they were dropped off at Union Station. I'm just so excited for them to be able to hang out in PJs if they want, and run around the yard with no place they have to be. Their summer program is the best, but I definitely feel a little bad that everything is so planned for them ... always. So this is a great break for them. And for us.

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