27 June 2008

Last Night Alone

It's the last night without the dudes. And we miss them, but this has really been a much needed break. The feeling is completely mutual. Brian could barely get H to say hi on the telephone tonight -- he was on his way out the door for a Friday night Fish Fry, so really, who can blame him? I didn't even get a hi, and C wouldn't get on the line. But tomorrow we get them back. And I'm excited. I'm ready to big them a big smooshy hug.

In the meantime, we'll savor the moment. Tonight, we dined al fresco at dinner, and even stopped for ice cream (coconut brownie fudge for me). We waked the dog, and drank (continue to drink) some wine. Brian's getting sick of me taking self-portrait photos and probably wishes I'd stop blogging now. So, it's time for me to go!

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