11 July 2018

Malta :: Day 6


This vacation has been so amazing. Honestly, it's definitely exceeded our expectations, and we all feel so lucky to be here. I feel like I never want to leave. At the same time, we are doing most everything we want to, so time wise, our week here is perfect. If we had more time, we'd definitely take in more historical sites. That's the one thing we're missing. The history here dates back to the Neolithic period, and the Megalithic Temples are still standing. Insane. Anyhow, yesterday had a lazy morning before driving towards Golden Bay. Our first stop was St. Paul's Bay for lunch. Then we went to Golden Bay. We had about an hour of beach time before we met up at Charlie's Discovery Speedboat for a boat trip that was going to take us to the Blue Lagoon. We first drove around Popeye Village, which was pretty cool to see. It's the original movie set from 1980. So wild. After a fun ride, he dropped us off at the Blue Lagoon. When we showed up, it was still swarms of people. We had two hours there, and by the time we got picked up again, it was just a few of us. Charlie was right -- later in the day was definitely the time to go. Besides the jellyfish the water was amazing. The color was unreal. Several people we were with got stung there, or got stung on other days. We saw a few but have been lucky. The other crazy thing that happened is the search and rescue helicopter came again! It appeared to be just a practice run, but how insane is that? After another fun boat ride back, we came back to our apartment to watch France vs. Belgium then headed down to the town to watch the second half and grab some dinner. H had been wanting pizza, so that's what we had. After a quick stroll by the boats, it was time to call it a day. Only one more left!

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