09 July 2018

Malta :: Day 4


Today we hit the road and made it to Marsaxlokk for the Sunday Fish Market. It definitely takes teamwork to navigate the driving here. Had fun strolling around but it was basically a flea market, so we didn't get anything. Still fun to see. Had a nice lunch at Terrone before going to St. Peter's Pool. As soon as we arrived, search and rescue pulled up. We obviously knew something was up, but everything was going on per normal so we decided to head into the water ourselves. After awhile, a rescue helicopter came. We were actually in the water when it showed up and quickly had to head for shore. It was one of the craziest experiences I've ever been part of. It dropped the rescuers in then went around for awhile before coming back around. By that time we were on the rocks. It seriously was insane. Here's the news article and a video of the rescue. I really hope the guy is alright. Yikes.

Later that night, we took the ferry to Valetta and met up with a friend. What's crazy about this story, is that the friend I met up with, lives in Australia! When I posted my first photo of the trip, Jordie commented that she was visited Malta too, and hoped we could meet up. How could we not make that happen? She was an exchange student at our high school the year we hosted Andrea (the year after Maci). How crazy is that? I was so happy to get to see her and meet part of her family (the younger two left today). It was so amazing.

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