16 July 2018

London :: Day 9


Another big day. So much to do and see in a short amount of time. First stop -- Borough Market. It is such a happy place. We tried oysters, meat pie, meringues, chorizo sandwiches, goat milk ice cream and salted beef sandwiches. We would have done more damage, but it's a gorgeous day and the place was a madhouse. It seriously got way too busy. Next, we had a quick walk by a smaller demonstration and the baby Trump balloon. I was a little worried about all the protests today with Trump's visit to London. We avoided the main route, but everything has been very peaceful. Thank goodness. Next stop was the London Eye. Not the cheapest attraction, but the boys loved it. Even H who is afraid of heights mastered it. One thing we wanted to try that we've never done before is Afternoon Tea. After much research, and nearly splurging for one of the fancier places, we decided to keep it low-key and had traditional tea at Tea & Tattle. Honestly, it was perfect. I'm not sure we would have been up for such a fancy shindig after a day of walking around all day. After our big day, we came back to the apartment, and Brian and I walked around the neighborhood a bit. We are staying in Maida Vale and it's really nice. You never really know what to expect, but our rental is great. It even has a large outdoor garden out back. Gorgeous. We came back, grabbed the boys and went to check out the canal, which has a bunch of houseboats on it -- so interesting. We got caught in some rain (we are in London after all) so dried off, then went to the local pub -- The Hero of Maida -- where we opted to have a cocktail and light snacks for dinner.

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