09 July 2018

Malta :: Day 5


Another amazing day. The boys slept forever, so Brian and I went to the grocery store to pick some supplies up. After we sorted ourselves out, we headed for Mdina. It's not huge, but pretty amazing. Stopped at the Fontanella Tea Garden for cake before wandering around some more and visiting Rabat for a bit. We stopped by Crystal Palace to pick up pastizzis. They were the best so far. And cost 30 cents each. We had brought along some plums as well as that was our lunch. Perfect. Afterwards, we were traveling along the coast and stumbled along a small swimming place called Ghar Lapsi. Thankfully we brought our swim suits today, because it was amazing. So beautiful, and very local. No amenities, no tourists. Next was a quick stop at the Dingli Cliffs to take in the beautiful view. Our last stop was dinner at Diar Il-Bniet a traditional farm-to-table restaurant. The funny thing was, we had entered the address wrong and ended up at a farm where we were greeted by guard dogs on chains and a very friendly farmer who confirmed that we definitely were not at the right place. They probably were the gardens for the restaurant, but who knows. Glad we eventually found where we were really supposed to go! After a grueling day of driving, Brian decided to stay back while the boys and I walked along the harbor. It was a beautiful night, we just couldn't resist.

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