28 March 2017

Spain :: Day 3


The day started with a training session at Real Madrid City with the Realmadrid Foundation coaches. While C was busy there, I went for a quick run, then headed to the market and wandered the streets of Madrid a little bit. I had grand plans of hitting the Prado today, but realized I would hardly have any time so nixed that plan. It did feel good to get my bearings a little bit anyway since the last couple of days were jam packed. When C returned, we went out for ramen then came back to the hotel to rest a little bit before leaving to for their first international match. The match was held at Pedro Galán in Cobeja. It was seriously in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately, both teams lost but it was such an amazing experience. The team C's team played were mainly 14 year olds. They were good, and considering C's team has 12-year olds on it, they didn't do bad. After the games, there was dinner at the soccer complex with the opponents. The boys loved hanging out with the other team. Unfortunately, by the time C's team got to eat, there wasn't much left (only Spanish tortillas) so we were starving -- but what a great experience. The night ended with pizzas in the hotel lobby.

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