10 March 2017

Last Week in Moments

The Chicago Fire Academy team drove up to scrimmage C's soccer team. So cold! They had a great game, with C's team winning 3-2. (Of course, it helped that the two players who scored and the goalie play on the the U14 team.) They did really great though. Fun to watch for sure.

On Sunday we drove to Oak Park to watch our friend M perform in her first Momenta show. She did so great and looked absolutely lovely. So glad we could see it.

Buddies. Love that these guys have grown up together. Seriously, I first spied Penny across the street moving in when she was pregnant with M.

Crazy winds swept through the area this week, and Wednesday much of our area lost power, including all of the schools. Our outage started at 12:22pm and was caused by a damaged pole. Fortunately it got fixed -- at 11:15pm! We were able to rescue most of the food and stick it outside. That's always my biggest concern. Otherwise, truthfully, we all loved it! It felt great to unplug, hang out by the fire together, read by headlamp and go to bed early. Turned out to be a really great night.

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