17 March 2017

Last Week in Moments

H participated in a Spanish Pronunciation Contest so had to leave the house early on Saturday. He was thrilled, as you can imagine. This guy decided to make the most of a lazy day. He had two soccer games on Sunday, and was supposed to have a soccer tournament this weekend, but it was cancelled thanks to the snow. Both the boy's schedules are insane after Spring Break, so we are making the most of these days when we get them.

Yep, it happened again. So pretty, but insane. So much snow! Brian had to travel this week and ended up stuck in New York City an extra day which meant he didn't get to come home as planned and instead had to go directly to Charlotte for the day on Wednesday. It worked out ok, but I've got to admit, this was a loooooonnnnngggggg week for some reason.

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