23 March 2017

Last Week in Moments

On Friday, Brian turned 46. It's hard to keep track of these birthdays nowadays. No big plans -- just our annual corned beef and cabbage dinner (note to self -- cook double the corned beef -- my big guys ate every last bit so no left-overs) then Brian took C to play soccer. Oh, I also made an Irish Cream cake that was pretty delicious.

These two. They really love each other. Morning snuggles every day.

Unfortunately, H woke up not feeling great. He had a referee course he had to complete, which was a total bummer. His temperature spiked to nearly 105 later in the day, which landed him a trip to urgent care. The diagnosis? The flu. What a nightmare. Fortunately, Saturday was the worst of it. It's pretty much taken all week though for him to feel normal. I can't even say he's 100% yet.

Papa was in town! Against our better judgement, H insisted on coming. So far, he's the only one inflicted though, so that's good. Papa took us all out for dinner Sunday night. Was really great seeing everyone.

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