26 March 2017

Spain :: Day 1


C and I made it to Spain! We are here, traveling with his soccer club for the next week. It's the same trip H went on a couple of years ago with Brian. We are both so absolutely excited to be here. On Friday, we met a group at the airport and flew to Madrid via Philadelphia. We were brought back to the hotel, then the players were shuttled off for a brief training session. I, and a few other supporters, decided to take a walk instead and ended up at Chocolateria San Gines for churros and drinking chocolate which totally hit the spot. We met the players back at the hotel for lunch, got our rooms, then headed out on a bus and walking tour of Madrid. It was really great. Unfortunately, the boys were exhausted and delirious, so I'm not sure many of them -- myself included -- were able to take much of it in. But it was good to be out and about to help with our jet lag. We were on our own in the evening. C was losing his mind, so we ended up picking up a sandwich and fruit for him to eat back at the hotel and I went out for tapas with the coaches and a couple parents. A good night sleep is exactly what we both need.

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