03 February 2017

Last Week in Moments

Girls night! Our friend Jo Ann was in town for the Pablove 8 concert on Saturday. Ali and I met up with her (which is always a treat because she is amazing), and the super cool, totally talented, absolutely adorable KT Tunstall who was performing the next night at the concert. We all ended up sharing a bunch of small plates at Tre Rivali in the Journeyman. Dinner didn't suck.

Saturday night was the concert. It's always such a fun night of incredible music and meeting up with friends. We are so happy to support it. Here's Goran, Willy Porter, KT Tunstall, Chris Porterfield and Brett Newski all together on the last song of the night.

C brought home another great piece of art -- Sunflowers. Love it!

This is the last week of swim team. It has really been great, and besides the fact that H is totally in shape, one of the best parts about the whole experience is the camaraderie of the team. Let's just say, soccer was a totally different experience from that. Anyhow, last weekend, the guys all met up and died their hair. H did too -- it's just not so noticeable. This week at Skettifest (when they all get together for pasta dinner), they shaved their heads. H wasn't 100% he was going to participate, but I kind of assumed a buzz cut was going to happen. When H arrived home with this head of hair -- courtesy of the Varsity swim coach! - I couldn't believe it. LOL! Believe it or not, this is one of the better hack jobs. Most of the boys have been sporting some really crazy hair all week. I did not know this was a thing! They have to keep it through Saturday's Varsity meet, but then can shave it. The things that are done in the name of spirit.

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