17 February 2017

Last Week in Moments

Brian, H & I made a trip to the Milwaukee Winter Farmer's Market, then to the Haggerty Museum of Art on the Marquette campus. It was so fun being at my alma mater, and this museum is such a little gem. The business school is right next to it, so I spent a lot of time there as a little escape back in the day. Crazy, but this was the first time visiting it since.

It really is a great space, and the exhibitions right now are spectacular (and extremely relevant). Look How Far We've Come by Jeffry Gibson, We Can Make It - The Prints of Corita Kent and Lakota Voices - Collection Highlights from the Heritage Center at Red Cloud Indian School. I can't stop thinking about it.

On Tuesday, it was Valentine's Day. Can't believe that last year Brian and I were in New Orleans, and the boys were in Florida. Missed our annual <3 Day picture. Oh my gosh, do I love these guys.

After C's soccer practice, we celebrated together with a nice dinner. Buffalo tenderloin with herbed butter, oyster mushrooms, winter radish and roasted green beans. All of which (besides the beans and butter) came from the farmer's market, by the way! We also had a crepe cake and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. Delicious.

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