10 February 2017

Last Week in Moments

Cheering their team on last Friday night, as Grafton hosted the JV Swim Invitational. H swam the 50m Freestyle and 100m Breaststroke and came in 2nd place for both of his heats. He may not have placed on the podium, but the improvement since he first started was amazing, and he ended up shaving quite a bit of time off of his previous bests. Nicolet ended up coming in 2nd place overall.

Here's H and some of his swim buddies. See? His hair could have been worse, for sure. To celebrate, H and a couple of the guys went to Kopps for dinner. It really was a great season. The next day, they helped at the Varsity Invitational.

C's been working on a data project that entails making a company website. He decided his was going to be a cupcake and macaron store, so he's been busy making the goods to photograph for his site. These are chocolate and lemon curd macarons. I was pretty blown away. They even have "feet."

Tuesday was a particularly foggy day, which I happen to love. I even took a detour on my way home from the gym to take it all in.

Even on sedatives, Gretel is going a wee bit stir-crazy in her crate lately. We had been giving her a little more freedom and she blew it. She jumped on the sofa to look out the window as I was getting ready to take her outside, and screamed out in pain. She's fine, but it just goes to show that we can't trust her yet. She spent the rest of the day in her crate crying to be let out. The good news is, she was so tired she zonked out that night. Poor little thing.

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