27 January 2017

Last Week in Moments

I'm absolutely in love with this clay piece C made in school. Artwork projects and bigger, so we rarely get to see them. But this is definitely a favorite.

We picked Gretel up from her surgery on Saturday. Poor thing is pretty miserable, but doing ok. She has to rest in her crate for two weeks. So far, she's actually doing ok there. Can't wait until she's back to her normal crazy self.

We took the boys to Goodkind to celebrate the end of H's first semester in high school -- and straight A's! He has worked so hard and it's paying off.

H was off of school Monday, but had swim practice. I fit in a 10K row. Some days, it just feels so good to row and row and row.

Thursday was Dress-A-Freshman-Up Day for swim in honor of the meet that night. I did not get to see this awesomeness in real life, but here's what H got to wear all day. Hilarious!

Look who's in the cone now! She's been doing really well with her stitches, but they started coming out. Nothing a few staples at the emergency vet couldn't fix.

Today's dose of pretty comes in thanks to Trader Joe's. I didn't get these for the house, but they were amazing.

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