03 June 2016

Last Week in Moments

My friend (and CrossFit trainer -- she may look sweet, but she's not! Ha! This girl knows how to push me well behind my comfort zone) is getting married this summer so we had a party with the gym peeps for her and her equally awesome husband-to-be. Such a cute couple, and so much fun celebrating them.

Flower arrangements I made for the party.

C was invited to play with one of the U12 teams at a State Cup friendly game over the weekend. It was a bright and early 9:00am game in Appleton, but watching him partake in the official line up (first time -- he loved it) and score the winning goal made totally worth it. Even with the rain.

We went to Pinelawn for their annual Memorial Day service. The boys said Memorial Day is one of their favorites! Afterwards, we went to another party for CrossFit. Thank goodness I like those people.

On Tuesday, Amy was in town with Gracie to tour Marquette University. I'm so happy I got to meet up with them for a quick lunch before their tour! It's been way (way!) too long.

H was having a tapas party in Spanish class, and decided to bring Guisado de Cerdo Estofado con Legumbres (Spanish Pork and Vegetable Stew). It smelled delicious. C also had to whip up some S'mores Cookie bars that night for class. Busy!

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