27 May 2016

Last Week in Moments

Brian & H were in the Wisconsin Dells for a weekend of soccer, while C and I stayed behind for a different tournament. It's his club's "Youth Festival" and sadly, because he jumps to U13 next year, it was our 5th and final year to participate in it. It's always a really fun tournament. C and I went to the Milwaukee Public Market for oysters and soft-shell crab for lunch one of the days. Such a happy guy.

Saturday night, the Bavarian PLA team played and C wanted to watch them. It was a good turn out and a fun night.

H's team didn't do so great in the President's Cup. The good news was they got to watch C's final game. And Grandma came too! Afterwards, we went to the new Bavarian Bierhaus. It's really a fun atmosphere and really good food. And really too close for our own good. Dangerous.

This week was a busy, but very good one. On Wednesday, we had a dinner at school for the student of the quarter's, which H received this year! I didn't even know this award existed, to be honest. It is quite the honor and I'm just so proud of him. His favorite teacher (the tall one) presented his award, and had such nice things to say. To see him get recognized for his hard work, attitude, always being himself, and "lighting up a room" was really incredible. He sure deserves it.

On Thursday, C (maroon shirt, long hair) had his final conference 1600m run. He came in 5th place, which is pretty incredible. It was a really hot day, and a tough way to end the season, but the boys for C's school came in 1st place at the meet. Pretty great. I think he was quite honored to get to run on the team of 7/8th graders.

Later that night, we had the choir concert. It was fun seeing both boys on the stage together. The entire evening was pretty fantastic, but the highlight me for me was watching the 8th grade boys sing "My Girl." Our very own H started the song off .... with a solo! He, and all the boys, did really great. They even put a little dance routine to it. The crowd loved it. Too bad there isn't room in his schedule for choir next year, because it's really been fun for him.

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