13 May 2016

Last Week in Moments

The outdoor furniture covers came off and my favorite room of the house is open again.

Last weekend was all about the divide and conquer. Before H and I left for a soccer tournament in Neenah, I snapped this photo of my boys since I wouldn't be around for most of Mother's Day. My gosh, do I absolutely love them!

Brian stuck around with C for his local soccer tournament. C's U11 team ended up winning their U12 division. So exciting.

Back in Neenah, H's U14 team played incredible, and also won their bracket! Talk about exciting. Every player had a moment that contributed to this victory, which was the best part about it. H made me super proud by 1) being named a full-time captain for the rest season and 2) despite and injury, coming out and playing the final game. They were down 0-2, H came out, worked so hard, and ended up assisting a goal. They scored another right after that. The game ended in PKs. So exciting.

Our little bleeding heart plant actually came back. It reminds me so much of my Oma.

Gretel's favorite place to drink water from.

C was invited to run for the 7/8th grade track team. They are short long distance runners, so he participated in the 1600m event. He ended up coming in 4th place with a time just under 6 minutes. It was an all-out sprint at the end as C tried to catch one of his friends who goes to a different school. He almost got it. He ran the mile earlier in school this week with a time of 5:49. I don't know how he does it, but it's pretty incredible. (H is a pretty fast runner too, by the way. He got a time of 6:09 for his mile. They definitely get the running gene from Brian.)

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Anonymous said...

I need to visit that house and that outdoor room again! We miss you guys.