17 June 2016

Last Week in Moments

Sunday morning, Brian & H left for Denver for a few days, while C and I stayed behind. He had a soccer game, soccer tryouts ... and a birthday party at Skateland.

C and I took a last minute trip to IKEA and Mitsuwa, where we split this amazing green tea, red bean and mochi sundae.

C was so excited to start tennis again on Wednesday. We were going to rush home since he had soccer tryouts in the afternoon, but ended up hanging out at our favorite beach for a little bit.

Brian & H had a great time in Denver. They went for Brian's work, which meant H got to hang out with and meet Charlie Blackmon at a video shoot. As a ball boy. They also went to Red Rocks, ate well (Brian's friend is the chef here), and went to a Rockies baseball game. They had a great time together.

I had to pick up dirt at the garden center the other day. I may not like gardening, but I can't help but walk in every single green house. They are so amazing.

H is our resident gardener. Everything he and Brian planted a couple weeks ago is doing really well. Will be excited to see what our garden grows this summer.

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