28 November 2014

First Time


We spent Thanksgiving night at my parents. It's not that they live far away -- but it sure was nice not to have to worry about driving home last night. Plus, the boys had an early morning pheasant hunt planned. Brian, H, my dad, Justin, his father-in-law, Tim and my nephew all went, while C stayed home with my mom and me. Gretel tagged along too. She's been getting trained on birds for awhile now. But at almost-eight-months, she's technically still a bit young to really work the fields. Let's put it this way -- it would help if she actually came when her name was called. She's quite stubborn. Brian planned on taking her out afterwards for a bit, but the guide coaxed him into having her out today. I guess she did great. Brian was surprised, but so happy, as you can imagine. In fact, he may have beaming. I have no interest in hunting, but I may need to tag along one of these days just to see her in action.

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