22 November 2014

Costa Rica :: Day 7


Today was the only day without any planned activities -- and we couldn't wait to spend it at the beach. But first, our final breakfast at Robin's. I had planned to go back for ice-cream in the afternoon, but never made it. So sad. Afterwards, we met up with Scott & Ali, and surfed the morning away. I had traded my board in for something a little smaller, and had a great time. I'm by no means a good surfer -- even by day 5 -- but we could all get up and surf the smaller waves by this point. It was so much fun. Scott & Ali decided to have ceviche off the back of the truck at the gas station again, while John, Brian, the kids and I rode to La Luna on our ATVs, which was one of our favorite meals yet. So delicious and beautiful. We met up again in the afternoon and surfed. I have to admit, by this time I was getting pretty exhausted, but just couldn't give it up. Honestly, I'd be out there surfing every if I could be. It just felt so great. We stayed on the beach until it was time to turn in the ATVs and surfboards. So sad..... That night we had dinner at Burgers & Beers, then headed back for our last evening in paradise.

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