16 November 2014

Costa Rica :: Day 2


Sorry for the gross fish picture -- there is a story behind it, so hang tight. We woke up early on the first morning. John & Salvatore were going to meet the rest of the groom's wedding party and go fishing. A couple of them backed out, so Brian and the boys were invited to go last minute. They were so excited. H absolutely loves fishing, so this was something they had wanted to do anyway. Mike came in his rented truck to get them, and I was able to hop a ride to get my ATV, which we had rented for the entire week. I was kind of cracking up, because 1) I had absolutely no idea where I was, 2) no phone to reach anyone if I had to (didn't set up international on mine) and 3) I've never driven an ATV before, and now I was expected to get back to the house. I got settled, drove the ATV up to a restaurant and grabbed something to eat, then headed back to the home. Success! I even made it in one piece. Feeling adventurous, I drove over to the mini mart to pick up some supplies before the boys made it home where I ran into Scott & Ali, who where staying at The Living (the photo of the building is actually their hotel -- there is a monkey way in the back under the coconuts which you can barely see....). I ended up hanging out pool side with them before we made our way back to the house. Brian had just gotten home, and was quite relieved when he saw Scott driving up with Ali & I on the back of the ATV. Turns out, H had gotten very seasick on his fishing adventure, and Brian and C were hanging over the edge of the boat too, so they got dropped off on shore. Before they called it quits though, C ended up catching the largest fish of the day (seen above). Unfortunately, it's the only photo taken of the day, because everyone on that boat was on the cusp of tossing their breakfast. Too funny. The boys ended up having a 1.5 hour walk -- in the pouring rain -- back to the house. Besides a ton of blisters, they survived. And have a good story to tell.

It was actually pretty rainy out that day, so we didn't do much besides have lunch at The Sunset Shack and pick up the ATVs. Which, by the way, are the way to go in Nosara. Seriously, we rode them everywhere. In fact, we started a trend, because a lot of people ended up getting them. Everything is walkable, but as I mentioned before, it's not easy (i.e. dark and dirt). That evening, we all met at The Gilded Iguana for a wedding welcome party, then over to Kayasol for dinner and watched the Packers vs Bears game.

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