16 November 2014

Costa Rica :: Day 1


You guys! We just got back from the most amazing trip to Costa Rica. It was absolutely incredible. The main purpose of the vacation was to attend the wedding of our friends Mike & Kristyn. We flew from Chicago to Liberia with Scott, Ali, John and Salvatore, then met up with a group from Milwaukee at the airport, and took a bus to Nosara. We didn't arrive until early evening, and by the time we were getting into our house, it was getting dark out. We had hoped to go to the grocery store, but streets are unmarked dirt roads -- so after hiking a bit and having no idea where we were, we decided to wait until morning, and have dinner at the hotel next door (where a big group of people who were going to the wedding were staying) instead. Warning: there are going to be a ton of dog photos. They were everywhere. I couldn't help myself. This one is the hotel dog. We had a great, relaxing dinner after a long day, then hit the sack. Happy to be in Costa Rica.

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