10 June 2014

The Big League




You may recall that on Mother's Day, C's baseball team was supposed to play at Helfaer Field but got rained out. Such a bummer. Fortunately they were able to reschedule and play last night. Helfaer is the little field right outside Miller Park, and just a really fun place to get to play on. The coaches gave each of the players nicknames that were broadcast as the lineup was announced. C is "Spicoli." Too funny. The Marlins ended up getting creamed by a team they have beat every time this season so far. Didn't matter though -- they had a blast. C caught two amazing (I mean, really, really amazing!) outs, scored the one run, and even pitched one and a half innings. He had a great game. Nina & Papa came, and Brian and H were able to catch the last couple innings due to H's soccer tryouts. It was a super fun evening at the ballpark.

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