11 May 2014

Mother's Day



My boys really know how to make me feel special on Mother's Day. This was the first year in awhile that we didn't have an 8:00 am soccer game somewhere, so I actually got to sleep in! And then, I even relaxed and read while they prepared breakfast in bed -- lox and bagels, fruit salad, coconut yogurt and a mimosa. Oh, espresso too. We had a pretty relaxed day that included a trip to the mall to buy the boys some black pants to wear to upcoming concerts they are in, a walk with the dog, and a little work around the house. Later in the afternoon, we headed to Miller Park to tailgate before C's Little League game at Helfaer Field against the Cubs. We were so excited! Last year, his game at this field was canceled due to rain. But once again the forecast was looking grim. We got our tailgating in, they opened the doors to the field, and what do you know? It started pouring. We waited it out. The rain stopped. But we were told the field was too wet so they couldn't let us play. What a bummer. The coach had even brought roses for the player to give their mothers. So sweet. Hopefully we'll be able to reschedule. Regardless, it was a great day. I just love being a mom and am so lucky.

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