01 June 2014

9 weeks



I promise ... I won't only be documenting my puppy going forward, but there just in an awful lot of cuteness going on right now with 9-week old Gretel. I'm not going to lie -- the housebreaking is frustrating. But otherwise, she's really pretty awesome. She came to two soccer games this weekend, and both times, found a spot under a shady chair and crashed. Brian's been building a garden, and another favorite past-time has been digging in, climbing on, and sliding down the dirt pile we have in our driveway. It's kind of hilarious. She has been snuggling a lot too. Storm even let her cozy up to him in is bed this afternoon for a couple minutes which was kind of amazing. I've never had a puppy this age before. It's definitely non-stop, but also so much fun.

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Mel said...

So cute! I especially love Gretel sleeping paws up. I will be honest I double checked my blog to make sure it wasn't too much puppy, but thanks to Emma and Penny's birthdays I think I am doing okay!