06 January 2014

Packers Playoffs


The Green Bay Packers once again made it to the Superbowl playoffs this year, going up against the San Francisco 49ersLast year, Brian was able to score tickets from the owner of his company and took H. This year, he was lucky enough to get them again, and C got to be his guest. (One of these days it will finally be my turn, I hope.) The weather in Wisconsin is quite horrific, if you haven't heard, and the temperature dropped all day long. I can't believe how many crazy people were there who braved the conditions for hours on end. I'm 99.9% confident I would not have been one of them. C had an absolutely great time though (they even got primo parking, so he didn't have to be outside too long ...), and made friends with the woman in charge of the food in the suite, who hooked him up with popcorn, celery and hot chocolate all afternoon. The other exciting bit was who they were in the suite with. Brian noticed the bodyguards and security officers, but had no idea beforehand that they would be sharing high-fives with the Governor the entire game. Hilarious! No matter what your political opinion is (or ours, for that matter), you have to admit, watching the game with the Governor is a pretty cool experience. Green Bay ended up losing the game, 20-23. But what a fantastic day!

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