09 January 2014

Inspiration File :: Reuse

What made me first say "wow" about this house was the bathroom. Our kids share a unique bathroom space. They each have their own toilets and sinks, with access to the shower. Once you open the shower doors, you realize the shower is what separates the baths. It's really cool, actually. But when you think about remodeling it some day, perhaps there is a better use of the space. For example, we really don't have a decent bathtub in our house. (I sure do miss a decent bathtub....). This configuration would not work for us, but I do love the bath and open shower, and the space is long and narrow, just like ours. What I love about this house, besides the bathroom, is that the owners tried to recycle or leave some of the original features while updating it. I think the brick walls are great and love the quirkiness of the large table hanging into the two "spaces." (project by Make, via Desire to Inspire -- photos courtesy of Make)

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