29 April 2012



Spring is so busy it seems, which makes the weekends even more precious. They go way too fast for my liking. Saturday was spent at two cold and wet soccer games. The worst! H's team won, while C's lost. But both boys played really well. Afterward, we stopped by the tae kwon do tournament that was going on in Brookfield. Maybe next time we'll actually participate in it. We watched a couple of our friends compete and it actually looked kind of fun. Never wrecking, but fun. Today was another soccer game for H (they unfortunately lost), catching up on homework and checking out the new Fresh Market that opened up down the street. We are full of fun! Now, I'm just waiting for Brian to come home from New York, where he's been the last five days. We kind of can't wait. Too bad we didn't have one more day before the week started.

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