24 April 2012



This morning I dropped a bunch of donations off at Goodwill. There were books and clothes -- the regular stuff. But also some of the kids toys that we were hanging on to and decided we probably just didn't need anymore, and C's little tiny suit jacket. The one he wore for a week straight during the holidays a couple years ago. The one he wore to a play date at a girl friend's house. (He got a new jacket for Christmas, by the way, and just wore it out last week to have dinner with my dad. He even put gel in his hair for the occasion. It's too cute.) Anyhow, seeing this little suit jacket getting dropped off made me a little sentimental! It's funny, because as the boys are getting older, I find myself really just enjoying the ages they are at. I have extremely fond memories of when they were little. And I do wish the years would slow down a bit. But really, I'm enjoying the journey with them each year as they get older and am completely content. Never the less, parting with that little suit jacket and wooden airplane set made me a little sad today. When I told Brian about it, he said this drop off made him a little sentimental too. For him, it was the little life vest that we gave away. Maybe it's just one of those days.


Penny said...

Not the little suit jacket, awwww! That is so sweet, Ang.

Andrea said...

Feeling like on the other side of the world but totally with you.