02 April 2012

Vinyl Sunday :: Superstars Greatest Hits

vinylsunday1-040112 vinylsunday2-040112 Brian and I have been an item going on nineteen years. And in that time, we have never ever owned a decent sound system. We have an ipod dock, and that has been our stereo for years. Before that, we were using the one Brian purchased in high school. Towards the end of its life, we couldn't even adjust the radio dial or sound. Honestly, it was pretty pathetic. We finally made the leap and got ourselves hooked up -- and even have a turn table so we can play all the vinyl Brian has collected over the year. Our plan is to play a new album every Sunday. The record collection is pretty interesting. We may even have come polka in the mix. H got to pick the first album, and this was it.

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