04 April 2012

The Birthday Celebration


I think it's fair to say, H had a great birthday. His locker parter -- who is at least a head an a half taller than him -- shares the same birthday, so they had double treats in class. He had a great soccer practice, picked out exactly what he wanted for dinner, and got another birthday cake. For over a week, he has been hoarding mail and presents that have been sent to him in his bedroom closet, just waiting to open them. I love that he still gets so excited about the photo books I make him each year. And this year, he even got a new bike! Honestly, he outgrew his before the beginning of the summer so it's long overdue. The look on his face was amazing. He went to bed -- smelling of the new deoderent stick we got him -- and saying it was his best birthday ever. Success.

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Andrea said...

Happy Birthday H and big hug for you!
Andreas, Andrea, Moritz & Simon