18 June 2009

The Blanket

This blanket -- C's blanket -- has been a very important part of our lives for over four years now. C strokes it, puts it on his head to cover his eyes, rubs in on his face, and sucks his thumb while rubbing his finger over it. It's kind of like an extra limb. A couple days ago we had the "when are you going to stop using your blanket" conversation ... for the hundredth time. Because if we can't find it, or forget it somewhere, we are doomed. And it's annoying. Anyhow, it used to be "when me married." But this time he said when he was five. I reminded him that was only a couple months away. He said he changed his mind -- it would happen when he was six. For some reason, when C woke up this morning, he walked over, handed me his blanket, and said he didn't need it any more -- that he was a big boy. So far he hasn't asked for it at all. But I will say this ... he's been super crabby all day. I'm wondering if he's going through some sort of withdrawal. We'll see how it goes! But, whether he gives it up for good, today, two months from now, or not until he's married, I sure will miss that part of him that is a blanket-toting-thumb-sucking-tough-guy.

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