14 September 2008

Two Hours

H & C had a blast at the birthday party. Here they are with some prizes from their goody bags. Brian and I had a great time too -- it meant two hours to explore. We went to Penzeys Spices where we picked up some mulling spices, peppercorns and a few other goodies. Next was the new Marion Street Cheese Market, where we had a Twig Farm's soft wheel goat/cow cheese (wow, delicious) and a Piave Vecchio. Finally ruined our dinner by getting some gelato at Paciugo. Brian had the vanilla lavender and Mediterranean sea salt caramel (my favorite), and I had triple chocolate and black pepper olive oil (really good -- like eggnog). As you can see, they had some really interesting flavors and their sorbets looked amazing too (lemon rosemary). It was a great two hours for all of us.

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