04 September 2008

Flognarde, or, Clafouti

Normally, our idea of dessert is a little ice cream or popsicles for the kids. Maybe a square of chocolate for us ... or an extra glass of wine. But now, the glorious clafouti (or flognarde) has entered my life. I made a simple dinner tonight -- cheese tortellini in chicken broth with zucchini and parmesan cheese -- so while the water was boiling, I whipped up a peach and plum clafouti. And when we were done, a warm, steaming, sweet smelling dessert was waiting for us. Of course, C still opted for the popsicle (because he just always has to go against the grain), but H couldn't get enough.


kswen said...

Is this that custard-ish recipe you gave me? For some reason I couldn't imagine the finished product. Looks to die for! I'm making this for breakfast on Saturday!

Angela said...

Yes, it is. And believe me -- it IS good for breakfast too. Yum.