25 September 2008


This has been a week filled of work, chasing around and school meetings. Not much time for anything else. So I've just been wandering through my house finding stuff I like and that just makes me happy (as you might tell from the last few posts).

These amazing mugs were created by Eshelman Pottery, and found at an art fair in Racine. They were one of the first things Brian and I bought ourselves when we moved in together. I think we even purchased one each ... you know, just in case. Thankfully, that was fifteen years ago and the mugs remain a set. Without even knowing these particular mugs resided in our house, our friends John & Melissa Richards gave us a teapot and mugs made by this same guy when we got married -- I couldn't believe it, and I'll definitely have to post a photo of them another time, because they are beautiful.

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