11 September 2008


Speaking of anniversaries ... let's just say, we are not very good at them. Or I should say, any more. The first couple years, we would go to the restaurant we went to the night Brian proposed and have a nice romantic dinner. But then we had H ... then C ... and now it's just amazing we remember it (but that's why we had the date inscribed in our rings). Last night had dinner with the boys, wrestled them to bed, and later shared an excellent bottle of wine. See what I mean? It was still nice. Anyhow, one thing I have fun with is trying to base my gift to Brian on the traditional anniversary gift suggestions. For our first anniversary (paper), I bought our wedding photo album (yes, it took that long). The second (cotton) was pajamas. And so on. Brian had been eying the Jonathan Adler Muse collection for many years. So for our 8th anniversary last year (bronze or pottery), Brian finally got a Camille Vase.

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