07 September 2008

Approximately 14235 Days

Saturday was a big day. As we were headed out to watch H and his new soccer team -- the Yellow Jackets -- play their first game, Storm started going nuts and when I looked out the window, I saw why. My mom and dad surprised us with a visit. It was pretty exciting, because this was H's first real soccer game ever. He had a great time. Afterward, we made a stop at Hole in the Wall. Unfortunately, my parents couldn't stay long, but it was a really nice surprise. I think Storm was totally ticked he wasn't in the car headed back to Wisconsin with them -- where there are no kids jumping on him, or yanking various body parts, and where he gets to run free. Let's just say, I think he'd dump his real family (us) in a heartbeat for Wisconsin, the trader. Anyhow, Brian came home in the late afternoon, so we went out for sushi dinner because oh yes, I also turned 39.

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Mel said...

Happy Birthday Ang! It sounds like you had an amazing day!