11 August 2017

Last Week in Moments

Grandma came and stayed with the boys for the weekend, while Brian and I went to the CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin. How cool is that? I had reserved a hotel as soon as I found out that they were going to be there, but wasn't sure Brian would be as excited as I was. Fortunately, he was into it.

We ran into my old coach who opened her own gym, her husband and another one of my old workout buddies. So great seeing them.

My new coach is friends with Margaux Alvarez, one of the CrossFit athletes. I spotted my coach, who was with Margaux, who was there selling shirts and taking orders for her wine. I only spent a couple minutes with her, but from what I could tell, she's pretty freaking awesome. Such a pleasure meeting her.

Brian and I went to Stronger U meet-up, then headed over to Morris Ramen. We both had the Spicy ramen with chashu chicken. Delicious! It was a gorgeous night, so we also enjoyed some time just wandering around.

The next morning we went to the Dane County Farmer's Market before going back to the Games. The boys were super bummed they weren't there with us. Next time.

Had so much fun the entire weekend. From the 60+ women absolutely killing it in the 2RM front squat today, to the teens, it was such an inspiring experience. My favorite moment however, was this. In the 16-17 boys group, this athlete was struggling with his handstand walk. It started with one guy, but by the time the clock ran out, he had an entire group of competitors cheering him on and helping him get through it. That's what it's all about.

Before going home, we went to Miko Poké. So good. I'm totally obsessed with poké -- it's ridiculous. Afterwards, I had to try their Hawaiian shaved ice with Agave Hibiscus and Ginger Lime syrups. And check out Tom Selleck. Well played, Brian.

Before we left, the boys found a couple new pets -- two tomato hornworms. So gross. They took care of them for a few days, then decided it was time to release them. Thank goodness.

Amy and the girls were heading back from vacation up north, and we were able to meet up with them for a quick lunch at Kopp's. So great seeing these girls. Especially Gracie, who is heading off to college in a week! Crazy how fast these kids are all growing up. So exciting, but so bittersweet.

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