01 August 2017

A Day in Chicago with H


The boys and I left bright and early this morning (6:15am !!!) for Illinois. First stop -- dropping C off at his last Wisconsin Fire obligation for the season in Lake Forest. They had trainings, classroom sessions and games all day. After dropping him off, H and I drove along the lake into the city, and to Bucktown. Brian and I spent a ton of time in the this neighborhood when we first met. He worked at an antique store on Milwaukee Ave. And, our first house was close by. In fact, here's H standing outside of it! Our 2-flat in the city. He lived here for the first 2+ years of his life. Good times.

It was so much fun exploring today! We basically walked up and down Milwaukee Ave. and Damen. First, we stopped in The Wormhole for some coffee. Next, we went to David's Teas and a couple little shops before checking out the first place C lived as a baby. Truthfully, that apartment = stress to me. Let's just say, I don't recommend starting a gut rehab on a house, a new job (Brian) and having a baby all within 3 weeks (me -- although, I had started a new job 5 months earlier myself!). We lived in this place for 8 or 9 months -- after we sold the 2-flat while our Oak Park home was getting remodeled. Lots going on during that time. Great neighborhood though. That part was fun. Next we stopped in Stan's Donuts, then it was time to meet Melissa and Emma for lunch at Big & Little's. I had the Bahn Mi and Raw Ahi Tuna tacos and we split the Kimchi Fries. I'm still thinking about those things. So good. Think we were done? Nope! Next, we wandered up to Jeni's for some ice cream. (I had cream puff,) Let's just say, I didn't have much will-power today.  Oh well. Finally, it was time to meet up with C again and watch the play. And that's a wrap for Wisconsin Fire. Too bad. It really was a great experience for him. Unfortunately, he's switching clubs next year and where he's going doesn't have a relationship with Chicago Fire. We are so glad he got to have this experience. Such a good year.

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