16 June 2017

Last Week in Moments

C chillin' on a beautiful Friday night. Thankful for no more school.

The last U15 White game of the season ended with a win. It was an interesting, but good year.

Peony season! Just like that, they are here. So beautiful and one of my favorites. Wish it wasn't so short lived.

Our friend's Shelly and Andrew's son graduated from high school. It was fun getting to celebrate with them. Can't believe we have friends who are old enough to have kids graduating from high school. :)

This happened! I've had a tattoo on my upper shoulder that I very unaffectionately call "the blob." Truthfully, I was never very happy with it, and over the years, it just got worse. So much worse. I never even wanted it showing. Yes, I could have gotten it removed, but there's no fun in that. I have such a love/hate relationship with tattoos. If it hadn't been for "the blob" I can't say I would have gotten this one. It's a cover-up -- plus some. But I am so flipping excited about it! It was a shock at first, but it's really gorgeous. Unfortunately, I still need to get it filled in more, so need to go back for another session. That probably won't happen until fall. But I really love it.

Quick trip to Chicago for a Beautycounter event with Founder/CEO Gregg Renfrew. So inspiring to hear her speak in person about the mission of the company and all the exciting things happening.

Nina picked up the boys this week and took them to a US Open practice day. Such a fun experience. Look at all the signatures they (C) collected. H just got Jordan Spieth, while C got Jordan's, and others, including Sergio Garcia. They had a really great day.

Reunited with my Baird & Warner bestie! It's been a few years since I've seen Kari, so I was thrilled we got to catch up over coffee. I even got to meet her newest little one. Such a cutie! They live in Birmingham, Alabama, but lucky for me, her parents moved to the area. We aren't able to see each other every time she's here, but we've made it happen a few times. It was so great seeing her.

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