02 June 2017

Last Week in Moments

We finally got a chance to work in the yard and the garden. Felt great to spend the entire afternoon on Saturday getting that done. One worked very hard to help lay out the garden. The other, not so much.

On Saturday, Sunday & Monday, C's soccer game played in the Wisconsin State Championships. At 8:00am every day. Since we had the entire day free after the games, we decided to road trip all weekend. 1 hour 45 minutes away. We left the house every day at 5:30am. The team won 2 games, and lost on the final day -- which means that sadly, they won't be moving on to the semi-finals this weekend. This guy, however, had THE MOST AMAZING header during the second game. It made it all worth it. Including the rain we got during that game. At least it wasn't in the 30s, like every other soccer weekend! H decided to ditch us and spent the night at my parents on Sunday. He also got to go with them to the Memorial Day service at Pinelawn, which he was really happy about. He had a great time. Once we were all reunited on Monday, we went to a party at one of my CrossFit coach's house -- who conveniently, is a neighbor. I think we may have been recovering all week from the weekend, but it was a fun one!

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