27 June 2017

Italy :: Day 2


We all woke up at different times today, working off our jet lag, so were a bit slow going this morning. Brian and I drove into Radicondoli for a coffee and to walk around a bit. Once everyone was moving, we went to Trattoria Nazionale for lunch. We are all craving pizza, which they don't serve that until evening, so had pasta. I had a country-style tagliatelle -- amazing. In the afternoon, we ventured 30 minutes to the closest larger grocery store - Simply - for supplies. We intended on grilling out, but decided to change plans and go into town for some music and pizza. Unfortunately, the we had read a poster wrong, so there wasn't music and the place we wanted to go for pizza was closed. No problem. We ended up back at Nazionale. They serve pizza in the evening, so got our fix. For the day at least. Delicious.

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