27 June 2017

Italy :: Day 1


We are so excited! Our family adventure in Tuscany is finally here. The excuse is to celebrate my parent's 70th birthdays which were back in February & March. The fact that we were able to get the 10 of us together to do this is pretty special and I'm so excited about the week. The morning started with us meeting at my parent's house and getting a bus to the airport. ORD > AMS > FLR. After picking up our rental cars, we somehow managed to actually find our way to the house. It really is in the middle of no where. Unfortunately, my sister and their carload took a wrong direction, so it took them several hours later to meet up with us. But we found each other eventually. Back to the house. It's freaking amazing. Our view is rolling hills with sheep wandering around and their bells rings. It's ridiculous. After settling in, we went to the little town (Radicondoli), hoping to grab lunch. But our schedules are totally off, and we went when all the restaurants were closed. It turned out fine. We ended up picking some groceries up and Brian whipped up dinner. Perfect.

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