08 July 2016

Last Week in Moments

Probably my favorite photo from the cardinal nest.

The Elsmo's were passing through town, and we got to meet them at Kopp's for lunch. Such a great surprise and so much fun. Miss these people so much.

We met a few people from Brian's work at the Slinger Speedway. What a blast! That 1/4 mile track is quite something.

The Stone Bank 4th of July parade.

This one decided to attack a feather blanket. And today, she brought us the gift of a baby rabbit. Dead. Thank goodness Brian was the one home.

We were out at the lake on Wednesday, and H caught at least 10 fish. This large mouth bass was the best.

The boys went to my parents Thursday night. They typically go once a week, but we've been so busy that this was the first time this year. Brian and I went to Centro Cafe for dinner, and I got to enjoy one of my favorite dishes ever -- their gnudi. Such a great night.

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