15 July 2016

Last Week in Moments

The dogs had to be boarded for a night, and Gretel couldn't get enough of the fresh air on her way over. She rode like this the entire 25 minute drive there.

The wedding was held at St. John's Military Academy in a gorgeous church, and the reception was at the Rustic Manor 1848. It was a perfect, laid back space.

Here's the bride! My friend and CrossFit trainer, Emma. And these other people are some of my favorites from the gym. Minus Brian, who "retired" from CrossFit awhile back after a short stint. Anyhow, it was such a great night. We got to hang out with a really fun group of people. There were about 14 of us (including spouses) from the gym there. Some came later for dancing. Speaking of dancing, I haven't danced that much in years. As soon as the music came on, I was there. And I didn't stop until the night was over. Such a blast.

Our Monday adventure consisted of finding these bunnies in our window well. Gretel spotted them, actually. Last Friday, Gretel killed a rabbit in our yard. The next day, we found a newly demolished bunny nest. And as I was walking over to the window, I noticed a dead bunny. I'm thinking these were all from that nest, and was hoping they hadn't been in the well all weekend. So H and I took them to the Wisconsin Humane Society Wildlife Clinic. The good news is, the vet said they were very healthy, and actually old enough to release! So we took them to the park and let them go. That was pretty exciting.

On Tuesday we drove to IKEA and Mitsuwa to meet Melissa for ramen. Unfortunately, her kids were not around, but thankfully Amy & Graham's daughter was staying with the Elsmo's for a couple days, so we got to surprise her! You should have seen her face. So much fun. We ate ramen for lunch, picked up sushi fixings for home, and had a green tea ice cream mochi sundae. So good.

The end result of our roll-your-own sushi night. The boys had a blast, and it was absolutely delicious.

A view of my favorite room (the screened in loggia) at night. It is really quite an amazing space, and where we spend most of the summer.

Big kids being little kids. I love it. The were seeing who could jump the farthest from the swing.

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