21 July 2016

Last Week in Moments

We went to Racine for our nephew's high school graduation party. He leaves for college in a week or so!

The party was at Grandma's house. Someone was running around the garden, tripped over a brick and fell on to another brick. Brian ended up taking him to the ER where he had to get 4 stitches. We all, including C, are shocked this is his first bout with stitches. The good news is, he survived, and got to get them taken out just 5 days later.

On Sunday we went to our friend Mike's house. C was bummed he couldn't go tubing, thanks to his accident the day before. But H had a blast -- he went tubing a ton, and even got up right away water skiing.

Swimming at dusk.

C decided to have a lemonade stand to help start raising funds for his airplane ticket to Spain this year (yes, it's his turn). He made a simple syrup, squeezed the lemons, added fresh mint, and sold out within a couple of hours.

C had tennis on Wednesday, so we spent the afternoon on Beaver Lake. We took the raft and tubes and swam around looking at the houses. So lucky. It was the perfect place to be.

It was a perfect day for it. Today is in the mid-90s. This kind of weather makes me absolutely crazy. Hopefully the 70s and 80s will return soon.

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