30 December 2014

Y + G // Day 3


We hit the road early this morning to take Greg & Yvonne back to Chicago (boo....) and see the Bowie exhibit at the MCA (yay....). We could not wait to see it, and it did not disappoint. What a brilliant man! The exhibit took a couple hours, so afterwards, we were starving again. Imagine! Y+G are staying with their friend Bill, who lives the Fulton Market district in an ├╝ber-cool loft. The boys thought it was one of the most incredible places they have ever seen, and it was. Bill has impeccable taste, and it was wow. Afterwards, we went to la Sirena for a delicious lunch, and Bill joined us, which was such a treat. It was the perfect ending to our day in Chicago and our time with Greg & Yvonne. Such incredible people to be surrounded by. I for one, totally miss them already.

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