30 December 2014

Y + G // Day 2


We woke up and Brian had to take the car in to get our tire replaced. A huge nail thing was in it.  Ugh ... the timing of it all! On the bright side, it meant a little bit of a lazy morning since we had to wait to pick the car up. After the tire was replaced, we were starving (eating 24/7 will do that to you) so went to Hollander for lunch. Greg and Brian took off afterwards for the Harley Davidson Museum, while Yvonne, the boys and I went to the Milwaukee Art Museum. Unfortunately, the permanent collection -- which is the main reason we went there, and I know Yvonne would absolutely love -- is closed for awhile. But, we got to see a few cool pieces and the boys got to make New Years Eve masks, so all was good. Once we were all back at the house, I made a Veggie Arrosto Misto (and under-cooked the vegetables a little -- whoops), we played a new game H got for Christmas, and once the boys went to bed, watched This is the End. Funny.

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