04 December 2014

Winter Concerts


Last week, and the week before last, one boy or the other had a concert. H's was first. He's in choir again this year. That's him in the red shirt in the front row. As predicted, he did drop out of band this year. Honestly, it's sad, because the only reason is that he really needs the study hall and by being in both, he never got one. Anyhow, he does really enjoying choir -- even though they are making him sing more baritone parts which is near to impossible for him. The 7th grade choir sang the following songs:

Oseh Shalom -- Traditional Hebrew Song, arr. Russell Robinson
Ticket to the Kingdom -- Donald Moore
Riu Riu Chiu -- Spanish Charol, arr. Linda Spevacek-Avery *
We are the World -- Michael Jackson & Lionel Richie *
* With 8th Grade Choir

Next came C's "Informance." He's somewhere in the back. Last year they had all grades perform. Which was very cool, because the music teacher explained the progress of learning as they went along. But it was long. This time, they had the morning K4 classes, 3rd and 4th grade. For the older grades, each class performed a song, then they sang with the entire grade. Here's what C performed:

Take the A, B, C, or G Train (played on the recorder)
De Colores *
Boogie Shoes *
* entire 4th grade

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